Inclusivity in the Playground

At Playscape Creations we have an acute awareness of the many sensory processing disorders that face the children in our communities, and the varied physical challenges that children face in integrating in the playground.

Decision makers are now moving towards greater Inclusivity in the Playground – playgrounds that encourage children to interact, play and learn TOGETHER. One of the key ingredients in early intervention is play – especially the type of play that occurs on a playground with lots of vestibular and proprioceptive sensory activities. The spinning, climbing, social and tactile activities combine to provide therapeutic benefit to children of all abilities. By making playgrounds fun for all children, we have the opportunity to bring children together through play.

No only focussing on physical and cognitive development, Inclusive Playgrounds teach children to accept the differences of others and eventually, will help to eliminate bias and bullying.

We work to design spaces utilising the latest insights in children’s physical, emotional and cognitive development – combined of course with FUN..