James Street Park

The Esperance Waterfront has seen  great deal of development over recent months, with the recent inclusion of the James Street Playground – an All Abilities playspace designed to suit this beautiful coastal location.

The fenced recreational space caters for parents and carers of all ages and abilities, offering an experience to stimulate the senses within the safety of a fenced environment.  The Weevos playground provides developmental challenge appropriate for younger children up to 5 years and the Oodle Swing and We-Saw allows for multi-user inclusive fun for all.  A freestanding boogie board can be a challenging balancing ride for older children or a relaxing place to swing and rest – being one of 3 swinging opportunities with the Oodle Swing and Single Post Swing allowing for something for everyone.

While the Inclusive Orbit roundabout was included for its wheelchair accessibility, the Cozy Dome is the key feature in this space – designed for children with Autism and other sensory processing disorders to offer a safe haven to hang out in while they watch others play – a place to re-group and gather the confidence to go back and join the action.

The elements of water, sand and grass have been represented within the rubber softfall design and an extended grass area offers a place for children to run around within the safety of the fenced area – and shade sails keep the space cool.

Such a fantastic location and a great asset for the people of Esperance!

“This playground makes me feel good about living in Esperance”  Cameron Devenish, 6 years old