Jason Kerr

Varied sales and project management experience with a passion for delivering recreational spaces that challenge and inspire, and a personal approach to complete project management from Concept to Completion

What do you like most about the industry?
I love being able to have a positive influence on how children play – and seeing how children and families enjoy the playspaces we deliver.

What do you like most about PSC?
Being able to work with an amazing team of professionals to achieve our client’s dreams!  Playscape Creations has such a large base of resources that there literally isn’t anything that can’t be designed or integrated into a playspace.

What was your highlight at PSC so far?
The design and implementation of CT White Park.

Why was it a highlight?
With the assistance of the office team, we created a playspace that has so many magical items all in the one park.  Being able to take photos from the Brisbane archives to then reproduce on to a signage panel in high definition is something that hasn’t been seen in the industry before.  Matched with hand painted rock climbing and hand carved timber totems – this space is truly unique and incredibly special.

What is your favourite recreational item we provide?
Digifuse – the ability to take any visual concept and bring it to life.

What’s your Motto in life?
Every obstacle is an opportunity!