John French Memorial Park


In line with Council’s plans to give back to the local community, Brisbane City Council (West) earmarked this small surburban park for a much needed upgrade, swapping a tired and rusted deck system for a brand new pirate ship!A key design consideration for this site were the tree protection zones surrounding fig trees adjoining the playspace.  The final design needed to fit in as much play value as possible without infringing on the natural beauty of the site.

As the central play feature, the Play Galleon has been designed to capture young children’s imaginations and take them on a swashbuckling journey with active climbing, exploration and role play opportunities.  Constructed from sturdy aluminium posts, low maintenance CGL panelling and nylon ropes, this is an asset that will continue to give back to the community for years to come.  With a multitude of active play value for children aged 2-5 years, there are elevated outlooks, a slide, sensory panels and role play opportunities.  The striking nautical colours act as a beacon for the local children, encouraging them to come and play.

Active play elements have been installed around the main play structure, with a team swing allowing for multiple users to play simultaneously, and a vortex spinner to encourage children to build their vestibular and proprioceptive skill.

Rubber wear pads have been installed under the entry and exit points for the swing and slide, with bark softfall completing the natural look of the space.



Love the look of this park?

We have created a marine and coastal themed designed space, featuring the Play Galleon and a number of nautical elements.  The best news?  You could have this installed in your park in as little as four weeks!  Download your brochure here


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