Julie Greenwood

Approaching all interactions with a learning and adaptation mindset, Julie thrives on working with businesses to understand their needs and help improve their systems to deliver better customer experiences, business growth and team engagement. 

Julie brings previous expertise working through the evolving insurance industry where her agile and analytical thinking, open-mindedness and clear decision making under pressure supported her clients through multiple legislation changes and helped families affected by natural disaster.

A positive workplace health and safety champion, Julie listens, collaborates and understands what works before creating new systems and implementing with discipline and fun.  With previous experience as Operations Manager for a bespoke manufacturing business, Julie has an in-depth understanding of the systems required to successfully deliver an extraordinary client experience, from enquiry through to delivery and support services.

Having achieved a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, Julie is committed to continuous learning and loves problem solving, developing empowered teams and leading organisations through strategic change and growth.

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