Kinetic Play from Playnetic

“Young children learn the most important things not by being told but by constructing knowledge for themselves in interaction with the physical world and with other children – and the way they do this is by playing”.  Jones & Reynolds 1992

We’re thrilled to have become the sole Australian distributor for Playnetic’s innovative kinetic play range – a range that gets children active, stimulates their minds and promotes social interaction.

Cause and effect play in its simplest form – the user generates the energy to play the game – and enjoys the fruits of their labour.  With a wide variety of games, there’s a Playnetic piece to fit every situation!

The Audionetic range can be customised to specific audio that works as information points along trails, lookouts, historical sites etc – the options are endless.

We can’t wait to introduce this range to the Australian market – visit the Playnetic page here on our website, and get in touch with us today for more information!.