Kingston Butter Factory

The Kingston Butter Factory is a Community Arts Centre in Logan, also housing the Butterbox Theatre and a museum.  The playground has recently seen a massive upgrade from Logan City Council with the installation of the newly released NetPlex from Landscape Structures.

This futuristic climbing experiences pushes children beyond their known boundaries, challenging their balance, climbing and coordination, upper body strength,  confidence and the kids just think they’re having fun!!

The Skyport climber provides access through the central tower to survey where all the fun is happening.  The Sol Spinner and Boogie Board provide great physical challenge alongside the LolliLadder and TightRope Bridge for overhead strength and agility.  There is no prescribed way to play and children navigate their way through, over and under everything to find their best fit.

Sand Play will forever be a source of entertainment for younger children and the inclusion of our SuperScoop in this playground completes the scope of offering something for everyone!