Lady Cilento Children's Hospital – a construction achievement!

While it was certainly a challenge, it was one we were glad to be involved in – pulling together the creative designs of Ric McConaghy in the construction of the playground at the new Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane.

The George Gregan Foundation had commissioned designer Ric McConaghy to create another magnificent all-access playground at the new Hospital development in collaboration with Queensland Health.   The theme of the playspace drew on the natural world inspiration that had informed the development of the entire hospital, finding its roots in the research of the significant influence nature and the built environment has on health and wellbeing.

The result was a natural wonderland utilising bespoke pieces from various sources, including Art Dinouveau and Romanis Trinham Collaborations, that takes children and adults alike on a mystical sensory journey through the bower bird’s nest and bee hive into the heart of a microscopic pollen explosion among others.

Our construction expertise has been praised by the Foundation and artists involved for helping to make their vision a reality – but this was only achievable through partnership and collaboration from all parties.  A great expression of team work achieving a common goal – a playspace that brings smiles and aids healing!

“A huge thank you must go to Ric McConaghy, Marcel Veraart and the team in Queensland who pulled this project together. They worked tirelessly, against the odds to bring this playground to life and the George Gregan Foundation is extremely grateful for their commitment.”   (GGF)

Visit the project page for some great images