Logan Gardens Water Park

Project Overview

Logan Gardens will be soon known as a state-of-the-art multicultural community hub which will form part of a masterplan to increase tourism and community engagement for the Logan region.

Playscape Creations were engaged by Urbis to design and construct a bespoke water play experience in conjunction with Interface Landscapes. Designed to capture the hearts of the community concept designs drew upon the existing site’s characteristics and aimed to provide a playscape that appeals to all ages and abilities through various play experiences, entertainment amphitheatre and connectivity to Wembley Link.

The main key features of the project include an interactive 14t specialty precast raised concrete water table, 50 – 75mm deep wading space and Choreoswitch from Crystal Fountains which will provide the site with stunning light show experiences.

The park also features 10 custom totem poles, 20 ancillary jets and ground sprays, custom spray poles and a stainless steel siphon system discharge bucket.

This project is on track for practical completion in December 2019 and will become a key profile for Playscape Creation’s portfolio as it shows our abilities to design and deliver iconic community landmarks.

Design and Engineering

Throughout an eight-week conceptual design phase, Playscape Creations worked collaboratively with our partners to provide Council with detailed design documentation for approval.

All custom play elements were designed and engineered by our in-house specialist team. Throughout the design, materials such as 316 stainless steel have been utlised for all structural features which will ensure longevity and low maintenance costs for the asset owner.

In collaboration with Crystal Fountains, Playscape Creations has designed multiple light shows which will transition through a daily cycle that will add exciting theatrical elements for this community hub.


Prior to the site’s civil works, the works zone was surveyed and set out through the use of GPS Topcon. Due to poor ground conditions the site required bored piers.

Throughout the early construction phases, all custom structural elements were fabricated

off-site. Installation of each structural elements such as the custom totems and discharge bucket were installed by our in-house team which required significant works at heights and multiple crane lifts.

Playscape Creations was responsible for all structural concrete pours, which required pre-pour pressure testing and extensive engineering, inspection and quality assurance documentation.

Also extensive plumbing and electrical fit-offs which was completed by third-party subcontractors.

The site’s surface underwent a number of waterproofing applications and will be finished off with decorative Tuff Coat paint surface finishes.

The site’s plant room is fully equipped with the latest technology and will produce 1,400L of water per minute. The water quality will be effectively manage through four sand filter and UV systems. Additional filtration systems include three underground water tanks (2×22,000L, 1 x 10,000L) which required our team to work within confined spaces during the installation phase.

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