Marine Themed Junior Play

Marine Themed Playspace


Packed with play value for children from infants up to 8 years, this marine themed designed space offers a range of active and passive play opportunities for all users.  From the hand-carved jellyfish totems adding a sensory and learning experience to the raised and embankment play, this space can be completely customised to suit your site.




As the central play feature, the Play Galleon has been designed to capture young children’s imaginations and take them on a swashbuckling journey with active climbing, exploration and role play opportunities.  Constructed from sturdy aluminium posts, low maintenance CGL panelling and nylon ropes, this is an asset that will continue to give back to the community for years to come.



Alternative play options extend the surrounding playspace, with swings, springers and a crawl tunnel providing further opportunities for children to build their strength and proprioceptive ability.



The marine theming is completed by 3D rubber whales and starfish, encouraging children to explore their spatial awareness and providing elevated outlooks for users too small to experience the full features of the Play Galleon.  Hand-carved Jellyfish totems adorn the periphery, giving a sculptural and sensory element that can be enjoyed by users of all ages and abilities.



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Transparent Pricing

You can mix and match any of the equipment pictured in this design to suit your site, your requirements and your budget.  Backed by a full design and construction team, we can help you design your space in accordance with Australian Playground Standards (AS4685:2017) and take you through the construction process to deliver a complete playspace.


*The prices listed on this page and in the accompanying brochure are for equipment supply only and exclude GST, delivery, installation and softfall.

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See the Play Galleon installed at John French Memorial Park