MUGAs – Multi Use Games Arenas

Playscape Creations are pleased to announce the exclusive importation and distribution rights of the Agorespace products to the Australian market.  Agorespace are based in France and were the original creators of the whole MUGA concept.  They have in fact been developing their product since 1990 and in that 26 years have stayed true to their original objective in:

  • Giving Youth a FREE ACCESS space to play their favourite sports freely and at any time
  • Giving EVERBODY free access to a wide range of sports
  • Creating a meeting place for social exchanges, whatever the generation or social background.

Fully compliant and with a large range of sizes and combinations MUGAs integrate neighbourhoods, camp grounds and school communities with football, basketball, hockey, handball, badminton, volleyball, tennis among just a few sports to be played easily and socially.

All of the Agorespace concepts are designed with 4 key values in mind:

  • Robustness – for optimum durability with very low maintenance – a major key for a profitable investment!
  • Safety – for the peace of mind of both investors and users
  • Pleasure of Playing – the MUGA must be enjoyed as much as possible by the widest range of players and be a vehicle for wellness and education
  • Aesthetics – to integrate harmoniously in all kinds of surroundings

With more than 3800 installations worldwide, including installations for various National Football Federations, and at UEFA’s headquarters, Agorespace remains the leader in the market.