Multi-dimensional play

Towering at 5.35m, GeoNetrix brings a complete new perspective and aesthetic to the playground.  The architectural feel of these structures certainly attracts everyone to the playspace, and the range of dynamic and challenging net matrixes keeps them interested and engaged.  There’s more of a thought process required to navigate the limitless routes through GeoNetrix, and the continuous play philosphy could not have been better applied in this design.

When launched at the American Society of Landscape Architects annual expo, GeoNetrix won the award for “Best Visual Appeal” – and it’s no wonder.  Even the translucent roofs create a visual play on the ground – adding yet another dimension to the systems.

We’re so excited about the play concepts of GeoNetrix we’re promoting it as our ‘product of the month’ for April.  With that comes some purchasing incentives – so contact us to find out more!

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