Natural Adventure Play

Natural Adventure & Non-Prescribed Play


Unstructured play outdoors and in nature is fundamental to a full and healthy childhood.
The Rustik Range innovates nature play and the integration of natural elements into playspace design by incorporating sustainably sourced Australian hardwood timbers with climbing challenges, outlook opportunities and non-prescribed play.




The central play element in this design, the Bellthorpe, can accommodate up to 25 users and provides elevation and climbing challenges for children aged 5-12.  Multiple points of access allow users to traverse the system from one end to the other, while the layout also offers the choice to enter or exit at each obstacle, depending on their confidence and ability.



The central climbing column spans over 4 levels before reaching the dizzying height of 2.45m, giving users incredible outlook over their whole environment.  Angled climbing nets test and build children’s proprioceptive ability as they use their muscles to scale the incline.  A raised timber bridge trials children’s balance and sure-footedness, and the elevated crawl tunnel gives a sense of exploration from one section to the next.  The final piece of the play unit, the large hangout net, gives children and their carers a place to rest and socialise.



A single bay swing offers further active play opportunities, providing children’s nervous systems with a wealth of visual, vestibular and proprioceptive information.



To encourage non-prescribed exploration of the physical environment, a number of sensory features have been included, from hand carved wooden totems to the large sandpit complete with hidden fossil digs.  Twin hand pumps allow children to stretch their muscles, working to bring water to the surface and interacting with the flow as it splashes across the rocks and stream.



This playspace design gives clear line of site for parents and carers, giving everyone the confidence they need to completely and independently explore this unique and nature-based play experience.



Transparent Pricing

You can mix and match any of the equipment pictured in this design to suit your site, your requirements and your budget.  Backed by a full design and construction team, we can help you design your space in accordance with Australian Playground Standards (AS4685:2017) and take you through the construction process to deliver a complete playspace.


*The prices listed on this page and in the accompanying brochure are for equipment supply only and exclude GST, delivery, installation and softfall.

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Rustik Bellthorpe

Rustik Bellthorpe





Would you like to learn more about the Rustik Range?

The Rustik Australian hardwood is recovered from high quality timber resources through development land clearing.  Master-craftsman built on location, each Rustik unit is individually engineered to respond organically to the site and to suit each unique structural timber piece.  Structurally strong and aesthetically pleasing, these beautiful timbers carry a 20 year structural warranty to ensure they are a part of the community playspace for years to come.

Created to encourage non-prescribed play, each of the Rustik pieces offers an array of climbing, height and exploration opportunities, allowing multiple children to build their strength and skill in a socially inclusive environment.

We are proud to be able to re-integrate these unique pieces back into the Australian landscape in an environmentally responsible way.



See the Rustik Range installed at Harvest Rise, QLD


See the Rustik Range installed at Harvest Rise