All Abilities Independents

Our recreational spaces need to encourage our community to interact and play together and we believe this can only be done by incorporating fun and engaging play items that stimulate a variety of users in a variety of ways.

We have highlighted 2 items this month that can do exactly that.

Landscape Structures’ We-Saw is a new take on the traditional seesaw and its unique design invites children and families of all ages to participate in the fun, promoting collaborative play and teamwork.  It is wheelchair accessible and has moulded seats (with optional seat straps) to support less able bodied users.

The Pulse range from Landscape Structures introduces interactive multisensory games that encourage movement in an exciting new way – with colourful lights and engaging sounds.  Promoting sportsmanship skills and hand-eye coordination, the key here is that literally ANYONE can play.

See more information on the Pulse range here

We have the We-Saw and the Pulse Table Tennis currently available in stock for immediate delivery.