Playscape Creations - Ferny Grove

Ongoing Aquatic Maintenance

Equipment Efficiency and Longevity

In all of our designs, we incorporate variable frequency drives (VFDs) on all of our pumps. They not only act as a soft start for the motor, but also as a pressure transducer to regulate the pump speed according to the flow required to the splash pad.

Rather than running all pumps at a constant 100% capacity, VFDs allow the pump speed to be synchronised with the water flow requirement.  This method increases asset longevity and provides considerable power and cost savings for the asset owner.

Water Quality and Maintenance

Generally, aquatic facility pool operators are experienced in providing water quality for swimming pools, however, splash pad water treatment and management requires specialised training.  In this kind of environment, bather loads are higher over a smaller volume of water; the potential for contaminants is more concentrated and the operational parameters around chemical dosing must be professionally monitored and adjusted accordingly.