Our Team

Marcel Veraart

Director and founder of Playscape Creations, Marcel’s 20+ years experience in this ever changing industry is an invaluable asset to our team
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Nicholas Veraart

Design Engineer with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Nick’s expertise and experience helps position us as leaders in the industry developing bespoke play and aquatic environments
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Peter Koch

Over 18 years experience in playground design and manufacture, Pete specialises in product development, project design, playground concepts and bringing our clients’ visions to life!
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Lisa Collis

With a passion for quality and best practice business processes, our Operations Manager is driven by continuous improvement
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Kres Bek

An experienced Construction Manager, Kres is passionate about smart design, buildability and building outcomes
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Shane Vardy

Aquatic Business Development Specialist, Shane heads up our Aquatics Division with a perfect skill set to manage technical aquatic projects
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Dani Eastwood

As our Marketing Manager, Dani is responsible for distilling and communicating the joy people experience when they visit one of our recreational spaces
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Jason Kerr

Jason Kerr

As our Business Development Consultant, Jason brings with him a wealth of experience in playspace design and architectural specification
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Amanda Sutherland

Amanda Sutherland

Our National Business Development Specialist and a passionate advocate for creating healthy, active and connected communities
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Jacinda van Geet

Jacinda’s diverse experience across the sales and construction sectors of our business leads to a hands on efficiency in her project management and client relationships
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Paola Velasco

Responsible for bringing our ideas to life – Paola is the hub of our project design team completing renderings and CAD layouts of our recreational space designs
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Ryan Truss-Michaelis

Ryan is an accomplished Site Supervisor / Project Manager with over 11 years’ experience specialising in modular and residential projects
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Ross Bond

With over 25 years’ experience in the tension membrane industry, Ross’ site analysis and construction experience helps to ensure smooth project delivery
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Justin Young

Justin’s 12+ years with Playscape Creations has led to a wealth of experience in project construction and production management
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Christine Schoemaker

Total administration of production and project activity – the ‘behind the scenes’ hero
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Rachel Wilks

Accounts administration – and with 2 young children, is one of our key playground testers!
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