Paola Velasco

Paola brings some South American flair to our team hailing from Venezuela, and is a creative Industrial Designer with over 8 years in the design industry. With extensive graphic design and project management experience, Paola combines a broad skill set to take our client’s visions and turn them into reality through emotive concept plans and renders.

What do you like most about the industry?
Play is critical to the healthy growth and development of all.  I love that I am able to design fun and exciting spaces that are beneficial in many ways.  Every day we learn something new and have the opportunity to create multi-generational community assets

What do you like most about PSC?
Playscape Creations is continuously seeking opportunities to set ourselves apart by developing unique and custom designs through our in-house expertise

What was your highlight at PSC so far?
Learning about the process that led to Gladstone’s Lions Park coming to life

Why was it a highlight?
This space has created an iconic landmark and playspace for the region stemming from a Da Vinci inspired design innovation

What is your favourite recreational item we provide?
I am drawn to our Zenith range – in particular the Zenith Vega system with its modern design aesthetic and the magnitude of play value it provides

What’s your Motto in life?
Don’t be afraid to fail – be afraid not to try!.