According to Planet Ark’s research, just a generation ago 75% of children played outside every day. Now, only one in three do.

From shrinking backyards to increased screen time and technology reliance, there has been a huge shift in how children play in just a single generation. We are now observing the devastating impacts nature deficit disorder is having on children’s health, such as the rise in obesity, attention and behavioural disorders and depression.

The provision of natural and nature-inspired play experiences are incredibly important for Australian kids, as just 30 minutes within a natural play environment can reverse these effects for our children.

Visually, Australian hardwood timber play elements create a softer aesthetic presence that naturally ages and evolves over time. As a renewable resource, these timbers can be sourced locally, reducing the long-term environmental impacts of creating or upgrading a playspace.

Rustik Stainless Steel Connections

Stunning Timber

Our unique sapwood removal process exposes only the True Wood of the log, removing any future risk of the timber splitting or peeling.

Aesthetically Designed

The layering of multiple materials, colours and textures creates an extraordinary sensory and visual experience for all users.

Rustik Stainless Steel Arches Nudgee Reserve

Rustik Australian Hardwood Timber elements are incredibly durable when professionally prepared and protected and can also be sanded or re-finished if required. With a lower thermal conductivity than Steel, Aluminium or plastic surfaces, Australian Hardwood Timber surfaces can reduce the reliance on shade structures. In ground footings add optimal strength and long term resilience against flood and overland moisture ingress.

As a tactile structure, Australian Hardwood Timber play pieces offer different textures and surfaces for children to explore and engage with, activating their curiosity and imagination.

When fitted with nets and other activities, this unique style of playground equipment provides a variety of physical challenges such as climbing, balancing, and jumping, helping to develop gross and fine motor skills, alongside positive social interactions.

The provision of nature-inspired play experiences fosters a sense of environmental awareness and appreciation in children, encouraging them to become more conscious of their impact on the natural world.

Rustik Tallaganda Hut at Windsor

15 Year Guarantee

Backed by a 15 year guarantee, the Australian Hardwood Timbers in the Rustik Range can be sanded and refinished if required to keep the space looking brand new.

Tactile Experience

Over time, each timber element develops a unique patina through the use and touch of children as they play and explore.

Rustik Culgoa at Windsor

Rustik, by Playscape Creations, delivers the nature-play experience our children deserve, with equipment designed to last generations. In-ground footings deliver maximum strength, and the maintenance schedule is effortless and cost effective – just one re-coat per year.

Together, we can combat nature deficit disorder within our communities.