Protecting our community from COVID-19 Corona Virus

Introducing PlayClean


We know that hygiene is key to keep our children, our families and our vulnerable community members safe from the COVID-19 Corona Virus pandemic.


Developed from the need to sanitise hands prior to entering public spaces, the new PlayClean unit features no-touch, automatic sanitising technology that can be placed almost anywhere to encourage good hygiene practises.


Placed in front of playgrounds, schools and public spaces such as shops and libraries, this stand-alone sanitising unit can process up to 30 people per minute, eliminating the need for long queues and staff resources to ensure hygiene needs are met.



With multiple anchoring options and safe, rechargeable battery operation, the PlayClean System requires no additional infrastructure for installation, and can be placed indoors or outdoors.

The inclusive design and automatic, no-touch operation features make the PlayClean universally accessible for children and adults of all abilities.   There are three colour options available, and the PlayClean unit can also be customised with school or organisational branding.



Why to choose the PlayClean Hand Sanitiser Station for your indoor or outdoor space?

  • Manufactured with high-quality stainless steel – robust and vandal resistant
  • Economical, efficient and intuitive (processes up to 30 people a minute)
  • State-of-the-art and easy-to-use equipment
  • Operates on rechargeable, low voltage battery system
  • All weather-proof
  • Manufactured in the UK

Reasons to choose PlayClean


Exclusively available through Playscape Creations, with Australia-wide delivery options.  To learn more, give us a call on 1300 669 074 or email