Interactive play is indispensable in future playgrounds and Playnetic bring the interactivity known from computers, smart phones and tablets to the outdoor public environment – but with an active and physical element that not only stimulates children physically, but also mentally.

Believing that children should be cognitively and physically challenged in the public environment, and that there be no distinction between formal and informal play areas, Dutch company Playnetic has developed these interactive play sets to present a variety of options for children to play in any form or way they want to.

Wind the crank, turn the wheel, jump on the pad – and out comes vibrant music, stories, puzzles, riddles and games – an audible experience that stimulates the children into a world of fun!  A world of fun that THEY generated!

Interactivity has been pushed to a much higher level in recent years and will continue to be pushed even higher in future.  Getting children outdoor and active while appealing to their interests, Playnetic’s range of intuitive, inclusive equipment will be sure to please all ages and abilities.

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