• Product # OVF-DIAM
  • Age Range 0 - 99
  • Dimensions 11.00m x 11.00m
  • Budget > $50,000


The Diamantina is a compact system, designed to pack a lot of aquatic play into a small footprint.  

Adorned with a Dipper tipping bucket that releases torrents of water unexpectedly and surrounded by a multitude of interactive ground sprays and jets, Diamantina is perfect for users of all ages and abilities.  The pad Activator button helps lower Splash Park running costs and reduces water loss as the plantroom and water circulation goes into “sleep mode” after a selected period of time and has to be reactivated by the users for the park to start up again.

The Diamantina is designed to integrate with our 750 Module Plug’n’Play Plantroom, with the option of a 4m awning. 

With the space and activity to accommodate up to 31 active users at any time, Diamantina has 14 Interactive Aquatic Features including the Dipper, Crown Stream and Arch Jets, and two Blasters.

Feature List

  • Dipper
  • Crown jet
  • Stream jet
  • Crown 15
  • Arch jet
  • Blaster
  • Actionvator
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