Coopers Creek

  • Product # OVF-COOP
  • Age Range 0 - 99
  • Dimensions 17.00m x 14.00m
  • Budget > $50,000


Lots of above ground architectural Overflo features makes this design a crowd favourite.

The sculptural curves of the Big Cee, Y Tree and the three BingO rings will create a maze of water activity, with the ever-popular Dipper making a huge splash as it tips its load periodically.  In amongst these features there are an additional nine interactive ground sprays creating a hive of activity within the 246m2 space.  

Designated Flowrate is set at 534lt/min so it matches perfectly with our Plug’n’Play 750 Module Plantroom making this an extremely cost effective investment.

The Coopers Creek design includes 18 Interactive Aquatic Features including Dipper, Y Tree, Big Cee, BingO, Stream and Crown Jets and the energy saving pad Activator.


  • Dipper
  • Y Tree
  • Big Cee
  • BingO
  • Stream Jet
  • Crown 15
  • Crown Jet
  • Actionvator
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