• Product # OVF-PARO
  • Age Range 0 - 99
  • Dimensions 18.00m x 15.00m
  • Budget > $50,000


Sleek shapes on a circular Splash Park – this model is a class act, offering incredible aesthetics in a compact design.  

The 280m2 Splash Park has a multitude of above ground features including the Y Tree, Duel 4, and the amazing water Dumper with its massive 20 second discharge. Also included are 13 interactive ground sprays and the Brella feature, an immersive water experience for younger children.

This system is geared with maximum flowrate of 915lt/min, utilising the Plug’n’Play 1500 Module Plantroom.  When fitted with the optional 4m awning, there is provision for a 12m wide shaded seating area. This Plantroom model also comes with a lock up chemical storage compartment for safe management of plantroom consumables.

Paroo delivers 21 Interactive Aquatic Features including Dumper, Duel 4, Brella, Y Tree, Arch and Crown Jets, BingO, Blasters and the energy saving pad Activator.


  • Dumper
  • Duel 4
  • Brella
  • Y Tree
  • Arch jet
  • BingO
  • Crown Jet
  • Blaster
  • Actionvator

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