All Abilities

All Abilities

Committed to a higher level of Inclusive Play, and addressing the needs of people of ALL abilities – well designed spaces help children of all abilities feel comfortable on the playground.  Designs need to not only ensure access, but also ensure INCLUSION.

Over the years we have learned that accessibility is not enough.  Simply getting a child with limited mobility on to the playground doesn’t necessariy enhance their play experience.  Nor does it take into consideration children with sensory deficits and other developmental issues.

It may sound like a tall order, but inclusive play doesn’t have to be daunting.  Our design philosophy addresses the environment, the play experience and the variability.  We believe that the combination of these elements allows every child to choose how they want to engage in the playspace and challenge themselves in ways that they can control and manage – WITH their friends and family.  And our extensive range of specialist equipment promotes inclusion and encourages children of all abilities to play together, form relationships and share experiences with their peers.

Whether through independent pieces, sensory exploration in Sand and Water Play, musical expression in our range of Freenotes instruments, or bespoke tactile sensory items incorporated through pathways and landscaping, thoughtful design can improve the sensory recreational experience for all users.

By considering the 7 senses, not only do we improve the accessibility and livability for our growing disabled population, we are also enhancing the experience for the 75% of the population fortunate to live without significant impairment.

So Inclusive Play we feel is far less about the "product" and more about the design implementation that promotes children of all abilities to play TOGETHER!

Inclusive Orbit (2.0m)
Product # PD150
Age Range 2 - 12
Dimensions 6.62m x 6.62m
Budget $10,000 - $25,000
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