Frontiers - Horizon

  • Product # PD-HORI
  • Age Range 5 - 12
  • Dimensions 7.90m x 5.20m
  • Budget $35,000 - $50,000


Horizon is the largest unit in the Frontiers range and has the play value to match its size! The expansive design aesthetic encourages children to create their own route through the play experience, with something to challenge everyone.  A mix of climbing, crossing, balancing and chillout features mean its cutting-edge design will keep children entertained for hours!

With more than 10 different play activities, the Horizon unit features a Dome Climber, Spinner, Scramble Net, Chillout Hammock, Climbing Ring and Fireman's Pole

Play Value
The Horizon system tests children’s climbing skill and teaches them to assess risk and problem solve.  The play challenges help to build strength, balance and coordination while providing for social interaction and multi-user play.  Spinning opportunities help to build proprioceptive and vestibular skills.

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