Norwell Outdoor Fitness

Norwell Outdoor Fitness

Designed and developed in collaboration with award winning Danish Design House Dok54 and with fitness and physiology specialists, each Norwell Outdoor Fitness station works for all – from the out of shape beginners to the very fit.  The main element of the design – the curve – creates a lightness and transparency of construction, creating an aesthetic that blends into all environments.

With stations designed to promote strength, cardio, balance and flexibility, each has a QR code connecting to an app with usage guides and videos, as well as training programmes to get the most out of your workout.

Placing fitness trails and circuits in the user’s own environment has the natural consequence of promoting an increased quality of life and a healthier more active community.  Additional stations have been specially designed or modified for Seniors, Accessibility and for students, complementing the social advantages afforded by these spaces as they become an intergenerational meeting point - connecting and motivating people as they support each other in their fitness goals.

Quality is defined by the durability and longevity of the Stainless Steel equipment – certified to European Fitness Standard and ISO 9002.

View a flythrough of the Norwell equipment in situ to help you visualise your space, and download the brochure for more information

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