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Build community engagement, health and fitness opportunities for residents of all ages and abilities

We know your residents are expecting more; more green spaces, more playgrounds, more community hubs and environments where they can gather with friends, family and neighbours.  One way you can do this, effectively and quickly, is by creating an outdoor fitness park or circuit.

Requiring only a small amount of space, minimal maintenance and reduced softfall requirements (depending on your equipment choice), creating a new outdoor fitness park is an effective way to deliver what your residents want quickly, while also creating a happier, healthier community.

Playscape Creations & Norwell

With more than 20 years’ experience in adventure, outdoor fitness and aquatic play experiences, we have helped Councils around Australia create award-winning destinations and outdoor fitness parks that deliver huge returns on their community’s health and wellbeing.

To do that, we have partnered with Norwell, a Danish company that has designed their equipment to promote natural movement patterns and engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously to deliver an effective functional fitness workout.

Norwell Bench Squats Functional Fitness outdoor fitness

Key Norwell Features

  • Timeless, minimalist Danish design
  • Full range of motion
  • Glass blasted stainless-steel
  • Double-welded joins
  • Low-impact, body weight resistance movement
  • Robust pedals and fittings
Norwell Chest Press Exercise outdoor fitness

Aesthetically, the equipment features stunning, minimalist curves and slender profiles, creating a focal point within a recreational space without detracting from the surrounding environment.  Crafted from 304 Powdercoated stainless steel or 316 polished stainless steel, the Norwell outdoor fitness station as suitable for all environmental locations and feature minimal moving parts to reduce ongoing maintenance.

Norwell Combi 3 Unit

How we can help you

In the last few years, we have been exploring the transformative power of outdoor fitness equipment; from promoting fitness in nature and fostering inclusivity to creating a strong sense of community connection and supporting sustainable living. 

To help you create these community and outdoor fitness hubs, you can access the expertise of our design team to help you create and design your space and set up all the documentation you need to install this space. You can order your outdoor fitness equipment with us directly, and it will be delivered in just 8 weeks. Installation can be undertaken by a local contractor, council personnel or you can access our professional install team – the choice is yours!

Playscape Creations Australia is also an approved LGA supplier through Local Buy.

Free Planning Sessions

We are offering free planning and consultation sessions for your outdoor fitness parks – just click the button below to book your session, free of charge, at a time that suits you and your team.

Free Group Training for your Community

We are so committed to helping you create a healthier community; we are offering the first 3 outdoor fitness parks installed in QLD before February 2024 an exclusive professional personal trainer to hold 3 FREE group training sessions every week for a month! 

Their responsibility will be to help guide and educate the community on the best way to utilise the equipment, as well as give healthy living tips to all who attend.  Photos from sessions and participant feedback will be shared on social media and with Council to demonstrate your investment back into your community. Terms and conditions apply, learn more here.

Free Group Training when you install a Norwell Outdoor Fitness Park

Norwell Rider Chest Leg

Project Spotlight

Rotary Nature Play Park , Boongaree

Playscape Creations worked with the City Design team at Shoalhaven City Council and Berry Rotary. They were interested in the quality, warranty and maintenance of the equipment and wanted a range of outdoor fitness elements to suit teenagers through to seniors.

Aligned with the Norwell design aesthetic, these individual pieces help enhance the overall recreational environment.


Send through your contact details using the form below and one of our fitness consultants will get back to you ASAP, with answers to your questions or just a friendly phone call to learn more about you and your community.

About Norwell

Designed and developed in collaboration with fitness and physiology specialists and award-winning Danish Design House Dok54, Norwell Outdoor Fitness stations are suitable for people of all ages and levels of physical fitness.

Norwell Cross Trainer - outdoor fitness

Norwell’s main design element – the curve – embodies sophisticated design to deliver an architectural aesthetic that enhances all environments. Using body weight resistance and full range of motion, stations are designed to promote strength, cardiovascular fitness, balance, and flexibility.

Norwell System ID Bands
Norwell App Screenshot with exercises

Every station is equipped with a QR code linking through to a smartphone app with usage guides, videos and training programmes to get the most out of your workout.

Placing outdoor fitness trails within community spaces overcomes any socio-economic barriers people have to entry; no membership is required, and people can train at a time that suits their schedule, bringing along children, friends and family members as needed.  These spaces then become an intergenerational meeting point – connecting and motivating people and supporting a healthier, more active community.

Norwell Cross is suitable for Senior users

Select stations have been specially designed for Seniors or wheelchair access, making them a welcome addition to intergenerational outdoor spaces or within retirement living and aged care facilities.

Suitable for all environments, including extreme foreshore locations, this quality stainless steel equipment is certified to AS16630:2021, which adopts the European standard EN16630:2015, and ISO 9002.


Are you considering the addition of exercise equipment or an outdoor fitness circuit to your upcoming project?

Download the Norwell Catalogue to view all of the innovative outdoor fitness options and get inspired in the creation of your unique fitness circuit!


Outdoor Fitness Stations

Norwell’s standard outdoor fitness range incorporates 15 individual fitness stations; from static pieces to equipment that moves with you.  Each station has been specifically designed to work on a specific muscle group or improve cardiovascular fitness, overall strength, and flexibility.  As a modular system, you can mix and match any of these stations to create the ideal fitness circuit for your community.

NW-AIRW Air Walker


Air Walker

NW-ARMW Arm Walker


Arm Walker




NW-BALA Balancer












NW-DPUP Dual Pull Up


Dual Pull Up






Sit Up

NW-STRE Stretch



NW-TWIS Twister



Articles and Extra Resources

Outdoor fitness - Norwell Calisthenics Frame all ages

The Importance of Exercise in Senior Years

Exercise as we age – whether it’s a gentle stroll or an intense gym-based workout – is vital in ensuring our long term mental and physical health.

Creating a Fitness Circuit

By incorporating stations that allow Full Range of Motion, Low Impact Cardio and Body Weight Resistance training, you can create a full body workout with just a few pieces of equipment!

Outdoor fitness - Norwell Bench Leg Calisthenics

Outdoor fitness - Norwell Pull up fitness

The Top 6 Benefits of Outdoor Training

In the world of health research, exercise is one of the few things that all of the experts agree on.  Regular physical activity improves heart health, reduces your risk of cancer, keeps your bones healthy and improves your mental health.

But what about where you exercise?

There is growing research to suggest that exercising outdoors and in nature combines two health-enhancing activities – moving your body and getting outdoors – to deliver exceptional results: enhancing your mood, saving you money and time and giving your workouts new social interaction.

The Benefits of Functional Fitness and Body Weight Resistance Training

Functional fitness is a type of exercise that focuses on improving the body’s ability to perform everyday activities and movements with greater ease and efficiency. This type of training involves using exercises that mimic or enhance movements used in daily life, such as squatting, lifting, pushing, pulling, and rotating.

Body weight resistance training is a type of exercise that uses the weight of your own body to build strength, endurance, and flexibility.  

outdoor fitness - Norwell Bench Squats Functional Fitness

Download the Norwell Catalogue Now


Functional Fitness Stations

Functional training is based on thousands of years of human evolution; building strength, agility and fitness by moving and training our bodies in the way nature intended.  Using body weight resistance and “whole of body” movement, the Norwell’s functional outdoor fitness equipment provides functional fitness activity and extreme fitness challenge to improve user’s overall physical health and flexibility.

Aesthetically designed to attract people of all ages and fitness abilities, there are 7 individual functional fitness stations to choose from, allowing you to tailor an innovative fitness obstacle course unique to your communities’ needs.

Through speed and agility challenges, coupled with the accessibility of an outdoor environment, Norwell encourages communities to train and socialise regularly in a fun and engaging way.

NW-FUNC Functional Training Frame outdoor fitness


Functional Training

Delivers endless training possibilities to train the whole body while being socially inclusive within the one system.

Overhead bars, rings, the endless rope pull and tyre boxing training give a full body work out for multiple simultaneous users.

NW-DUAL Dual Bar Functional Fitness


Dual Bar

NW-HORL Horizontal Ladder Functional Fitness


Horizontal Ladder

NW-PARK Parkour Functional Fitness System Outdoor Exercise



NW-SBLO Step Blocks Functional Fitness Outdoor Exercise


Step Blocks

NW-TIRE Tyre Flip Functional Fitness for supervised environments


Tyre Flip

NW-TPUL Triple Pull Up Functional fitness for 3 simultaneous users outdoor exercise


Triple Pull Up


All-abilities Fitness

Overall community well-being increases when people of all-abilities have the option to train in a socially inclusive environment.  There are a range of Norwell fitness stations that are wheelchair accessible or focus on specific body regions, so they are suitable for people with a range of physical abilities.

NW-AHAN Hand Cycle wheelchair accessible all-abilities fitness suitable for seniors


Hand Cycle

NW-ATAI Tai Chi Wheel wheelchair accessible all-abilities fitness suitable for seniors


Tai Chi Wheel

Norwell Cross for all ages Seniors
Download the Norwell Catalogue Now


Combination Units

An outdoor fitness circuit doesn’t have to take up a huge footprint to be effective.  Specifically designed to accommodate multiple users on the same fitness station, Norwell’s Combination Units take social training to the next level.  Using body weight resistance and no-impact movement, there is a Combination Unit (or two!) to suit every site and every community.

Through controlled movement, a user set pace and body weight resistance, these Combination Units combine upper body, core and leg strength building exercises within a single piece of equipment, allowing whole-of-body training in a socially inclusive environment. 

With so many fitness options in one station, a single Combination unit could provide the training system your community needs.

Norwell Calisthenics Frame Multiple Users
NW-CALI Calisthenics frame combination unit functional fitness outdoor exercise



A fitness frame that offers more than 15 different training exercises with multi-user accessibility
With so many exercise options available in the one unit, this
frame offers strength and body weight resistance training options for multiple users simultaneously, regardless of their fitness level

NW-COM1 Combination Unit 1 gives 5 exercises in one compact unit


Combination Unit 1

NW-COM3 Combination Unit 3 gives 3 exercises in one compact unit


Combination Unit 3

NW-COM5 Combination Unit 5 gives 2 exercises in one compact unit


Combination Unit 5


Send through your contact details using the form below and one of our fitness consultants will get back to you ASAP, with answers to your questions or just a friendly phone call to learn more about you and your community.