Quay II Estate, Torquay

Located in Torquay, VIC, the Quay II estate is just a short stroll from one of the most spectacular ocean beaches on Earth.  To reflect the importance of the oceanic atmosphere on the development, the landscape architects from Landsite imagined a marine theme, with a tower to create outlook opportunities and multiple play options.

Playscape Creations were engaged by Landsite to help them realise their unique vision for this playspace, with the custom tower reminiscent of a spectacular seedpod and reflective of the nature reserve adjacent to the Quay II Estate.  Designed, engineered and fabricated by Playscape Creations in-house team, the bespoke play element stands at over 7.5m high, with play and sensory opportunities spread over three exciting levels.

At the ground level, there is an accessible musical chime and shop counter, with plenty of room for social role play.  One level one, access is granted via a rope bridge or climbing net onto a tactile subfloor, with further outlook and climbing opportunities.  On the top level, children can access telescopes to enhance their view of the surrounding environment, or they can interact with a sensory marble panel.  The journey back to the ground is achieved through a thrilling spiral tube slide, with the colour customised to suit the aesthetic of the estate.

The rest of the playscape has been designed around a central shade tree, enhancing the natural environment and providing generous shade options.  Australian Hardwood timber totems have been customised with thick marine rope detailing to reflect the importance of the sea to the people that call Quay II home, and the natural timber brings in additional nature play elements.

With changing levels and embankment play, there are so many opportunities for children to explore and flex their active muscles; from the racing embankment slides to the team swing and rope run.  Inclusive play options are also available, with a wheelchair accessible digger in the sand sensory area and the incorporation of rubber softfall access to all equipment.

Images supplied courtesy of @puddlesandplay