Rainworth State School

We were approached by point of a referral from another school project to design a playspace that would meet the developmental needs of the junior primary children of the school.

Appreciating that a bespoke playground was out of budget range, we were requested to develop a unique proposal that would create physical, mental and social challenges for the children whilst maintaining the aesthetic blend of the existing surrounds.

Challenging equipment was sought, but most of all, equipment that would last.

By incorporating a playsystem with a range of overhead challenges to encourage upper body strength and coordination, multiple entry and exit points to encourage continuous play, and active and innovative play features, we were confident we could meet the brief on the equipment.  Play equipment that encourages inclusive play and considers accessibility for special needs children in the school.

The space design was also to consider the encouragement of group interaction at play time as well as being a space that could be utilised by the school during class time.  The flow of children throughout the space was taken into account to achieve maximum use of the area with multiple entry and exit points enhancing the philosophy of continuous play.

Managing the full design, supply and construction of the project allowed us to offer an holistic service that fulfilled needs, and ensured the best outcome.  Working with the natural surrounds and existing playspace, landscape design and construction perspectives allowed for a solution that not only dealt with the playground structure, but also integrated the recreational space around it, providing a variety of recreational activities for children of all abilities.

We also developed a landscaped garden bed / natural sandstone seating area with low maintenance plant zones to complement the natural bush setting of the playground.

The area also had a drainage issue, so a solution was sought to create a safe playspace free of damp and erosion.  This allowed us to incorporate our broad knowledge base and experience to create a solution that not only solved the problem, but blended with the overall space design.

When you receive comments like “I wish I would have known you before so that you could have done our previous playgrounds”, you certainly feel honoured and proud to have been involved in such a successful project for the school.

We are also again very proud of our construction team to receive the following feedback from the school …

“The Install Crew were great and the entire school community was impressed by their work ethic”.

Congratulations Team!