Riverbank Estate

Lead Landscape Architects Saunders Havill Group approached us to deliver a playground for this new development that would appeal to all ages and provide a place for residents to congregate and socialise.

The play environment boasts an Australian first with the towering Big City ‘St Louis’ play system boasting a stunning 2.8m Sky Tower that encourages children to push themselves a little bit higher and braver than they would have before!  Varied climbing challenge to this and the 1.9m high deck, and with above and below play activities, children are challenged on this super high and visually striking playground that blends traditional equipment with contemporary style and innovative design.

And for the younger users, the Smart Play ‘Loft’ sits in the centre with 20 engaging activities packed into its compact size.  A whimsical appearance combined with a host of developmental challenges, this unit provides endless entertainment for little crawlers and toddlers.  And compulsory to all playgrounds, fantastic swinging action with toddler seat and belt seat for older kids and adults alike – because everyone loves (and needs) to swing!

The park design provides great connectivity and accessibility with wide pathways usable for bike riding and with a designated riding area included with fun road signs.  A great planting pallet and informal seating with sandstone boulders make the area a pleasant and comfortable place for all ages to stay and play under the big shade structure, inviting them to connect with their neighbours and enjoy lunch or early dinner in the park.

Healthbeat Outdoor Fitness is also included just up the road from the playground helping to promote a healthy active community in this lifestyle estate with a combination of resistance and static training equipment.


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