Sandstone Point Big4 Resort

The brand new Big4 Holiday Resort at Sandstone Point has opened in time for the summer holidays with Playscape Creations providing both the dry and wet play equipment, working in partnership with Vee Design on the scope of the project.

The feature multi-level Aqua Tower will set the scene for many hours of fun for many many families with slides, play features including water cannons, shower sprays, water wheels, valves and the ever popular dumping bucket – personalised for the venue.  Unique Resin Transfer Molding manufacturing technology offers a smooth and perfectly shiny finish on both sides, contributing to the aesthetic appearance of the structure – perfectly designed to enable guests an unforgettable experience.

The adjacent dry playground includes the Big City “Los Angeles”, a highly durable stainless steel multi tower unit where traditional playground equipment meets contemporary style and innovative design. Featuring the stunning 2.8m high Sky Tower and varied climbing challenge to this and the two 1.9m, 1.5m and 1.1m decks, there is challenge and adventure here for all ages. A multitude of on-deck and traversing activity keeps children amused before descending via alternate sliding, climbing or fireman’s pole exits. Along with a fun spinner and below deck activity panels, children will love and be challenged on this super high and visually striking playsystem.

Who wouldn’t want to holiday here!


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