For a better tomorrow – we play today!

Have you watched Landscape Structures’ latest video? If you haven’t, drop everything and watch it now (see below). It’s that good.

There’s no question about why Landscape Structures is committed to creating the best playgrounds in the world – because play shapes children into better adults.

Playgrounds and play experiences help kids learn how to interact with others, learning about themselves and those around them, shaping their future and who they will become.  They learn physically and emotionally and establish behaviours that will carry throughout their lives.

Play is one of the most organic ways children learn – and we have the opportunity to be part of that.

That’s why, for a better tomorrow, we play today. #shapedbyplay.com

Self Discovery

  • taking risks and trying new things
  • pushing physical and mental limits
  • learning from mistakes
  • perseverance

Emotional Development

  • creative thinking
  • solving problems
  • imagination and playing pretend
  • curiosity and exploration

Social Development

  • exploring group dynamics
  • understanding and respecting differences
  • cooperation, sharing and helping others
  • communicating emotions

Physical Health

  • engaging in an active lifestyle
  • challenging physical abilities
  • finding joy and satisfaction in physical exertion

Extending the Classroom

  • math and counting games
  • language, communication and early literacy
  • physics in action
  • artistic experience through colour and music