Shez Mussa

With a Bachelor of Design (Hons), majoring in Architectural Studies and Landscape Architecture from QUT, Shez has the ability to visualise and sketch innovative concepts, translating and effectively conveying thoughts and ideas. 

With previous roles in the commercial construction industry, Shez is experienced in performing to tight deadlines and ensuring the best outcomes are achieved for all stakeholders.  Shez has the ability to see projects from multiple perspectives – from design through to construction – and as such is an effective conduit between aesthetic, technical and logistical elements.

Passionate about turning his client’s vision into a reality, Shez is inspired to be a part of recreational projects that are shaping our cities and enhancing the fabric of our neighbourhoods.  Shez believes that the infinite possibilities that can be created by Playscape Creations’ design team create a real sense of place, creating focal points within communities that we live in.

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