SplashSide Maryborough

SplashSide, Maryborough

The incredible new all-abilities aquatic park – previously Anzac Park – is now open in Maryborough! From concept design through to completion, let’s explore this project further!

Tract Consultants developed the Master Plan for the redevelopment of the Maryborough foreshore and Anzac Park area, including an aquatics park, extensive landscaping and recreational facilities carpark and amenities block.

Using in-house expertise, Playscape Creations were engaged to take Tract’s vision from a concept design through to a resolved engineering design, ready for fabrication.

Anzac park Maryborough Concept Design

Maryborough is the birthplace of PL Travers, author of the beloved children’s novels featuring Mary Poppins.  Tract’s design featured elements from Mary Poppin’s story, disguised to create wonder for the park users and generate a feeling of discovery with every visit.

SplashSide Spoonful of Sugar Discharge Bucket

The hero element, a discharge bucket styled to reflect Mary Poppin’s “Spoonful of Sugar” recipe creates an exciting backdrop incorporating rainbow pathways, a central fountain and custom designed misting towers that reference the region’s famous sugar cane production.

The integrated sensory wall features a huge array of textures and activities for children to explore, with rubber clouds, stainless steel domes, finger trails and a colour wheel all custom made in Brisbane.  It is the perfect place for children to congregate to discover a quieter play experience and socialise with their peers.  Towering Contrabass chimes add a musical element to the experience, with the chimes laid out to match the sweeping curve of the retaining walls.

A towering wall has been built as a hideout, complete with twin water cannons to encourage children to interact across multiple levels.  An all-abilities access ramp allows everyone to play, and there is a quick ride to the bottom of the tower with a custom-built roller slide giving access to the lower level and integrated ground sprays.

SplashSide Water Cannon Tower and Roller Slide

Sugar Cane towers with integrated water and misting elements add to the feeling of grandeur of the space, paying homage to the region’s sugar cane production and giving children a heightened sense of scale.  A stream cuts through the centre of the splashpark, complete with integrated sluice gates that allow children to interact with and affect the flow of water through the park.

A huge circular net has been placed near the dumping bucket and sensory wall to give children a social, hangout experience and a place to relax and watch their peers.  Adjacent to the custom hangout net is a toddler waterplay fountain, with multiple levels of water spilling out across the translucent leaves and turning the spinning water wheels below.

Adding to the interactivity of the overall playspace are a plaza of choregraphed fountains.  Programmed to deliver a number of passive and dynamic light and water shows, the fountains dance and move to the delight of users – young and old.  The addition of the integrated LED lighting feature allows for nighttime activation of the space and Council’s ability to host community events such as markets, Christmas Carols and other seasonal celebrations.

The state-of-the-art plantroom incorporates the latest in water treatment equipment, with water quality monitored by remote telemetry and allowing for automatic dosing where required.  All pumps are fitted with Variable Flow Devices (VFDs) to reduce energy consumption and wear and tear on the pumps, and all water features are controlled by Playscape Creations’ proprietary control unit for maximum efficiency.  All of the water and energy saving measures mean the park can run at up to 98.5% efficiency, even during peak usage times.

The plantroom has been integrated into a brand new amenities block with accessible cubicles and showering facilities for users of all abilities.  Strategically positioned adjacent to the carparking facilities, this amenities block will service the entire recreational area. Thoughtful landscaping elements have been provided, with lots of natural shade from the surrounding trees, integrated seating and shelters giving park goers all day comfort.  We have been delighted to see they community reaction to this space, with more than 400 people attending the grand opening event and braving the winter temperatures.  A key attraction for the Fraser Coast region, it is expected that generations of locals and tourists alike will enjoy this facility for years to come.

SplashSide Quote from Councillor Seymour

Design Collaboration and Project Pathway

As part of Playscape Creations’ collaboration with Tract throughout the design phase, structural engineering for the waterplay slab was also undertaken, including the incorporation of swales and concrete seating to allow for additional water interaction.

Hydraulic engineering and equipotential bonding plans were created to study water flows across the site and determine requirements for water management and treatment facilities. Documentation was all prepared to be issued for tender by Council.

PBS Property Group were the winning tenderer and principal contractor on the entire project scope, with Playscape Creations engaged by PBS to undertake the specialist hydraulic construction and custom product fabrication. The construction programme was developed to allow for on-site hydraulic construction in tandem with offsite product fabrication to ensure Council deadlines could be met. All of custom elements were fabricated in our Brisbane workshop using quality local materials.