St John Vianney’s School

Working together with Jeremy Ferrier Landscape Architecture we delivered a great playspace as well as rubberising the running track.

The PlayBooster system included in this space provides great value for money and is very successful in school environments. It encourages the thought process as children figure out how to traverse from one side to the other – “balancing” through the net to get to the next component!  Climbing challenges come in the form of the alternative logo and sunbeam climbers, climbing wall, and up, over and across the manta ray  net.  And there’s great sliding for all ages –the super fast Double Swoosh slide – a popular racer and it’s always nice to share the ride with a friend!  Not only does this system provide physical and mental challenge, it also promotes coordination, balance, core strength and gross motor skill development.

Rubbertech Domes included in the playspace add another play experience – chill out, chat area or jumping from one to the other – while also providing a colourful visual aesthetic.

The rubber surfacing is a two part application offering excellent impact attenuation, and has been done in a two color wave design enhancing the visual appeal of the area.  This design required custom designed and manufactured patterning and manufactured Form Templates.

The running track is 100m in length and 1m in width, manufactured from  Rubbertech Classic  wetpour surfacing on a 100mm compacted roadbase delivering a durable surface with soft underfoot.  Free forming the 1m wide track on compacted roadbase to required level with tapered edges was a specialised process by our installation professionals.