Steele Park, Millhouse Estate

To assist the developer with meeting local Council guidelines for open space contribution requirements, Advantage Sports & Leisure put together a playground proposal which included fantastic equipment that would appeal to the more senior users, engaging them in the space with stimulating activity and great aesthetics.

The Big City ‘Lisbon’ playground has a fireman’s pole and slide, and 4 varied challenge climbing routes based around 2 central towers.  Whether a steep ascent up the climbing wall or traversing from tower to tower, children can test their skills and build their upper body strength and coordination.  Non-prescribed entry and exit routes mean there is no ‘right way to play’ so children are led to invent games and routes, using their imaginations as they play.

The first park in Cairns to install the unique Board Rider, visitors to Steele Park will be raving about this challenging and thrilling piece that lets wannabe skaters experience exhilarating speed and movement.

The multi-user Team Swing completes the play experience, allowing up to 4 children to swing and play together, active or passive, and collectively – regardless of ability.