Supporting Local Artists


Situated halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Logan City is a multicultural riverside region, home to more than 300,000 Queenslanders.  Full of natural beauty, with extensive parks, wetlands and nature reserves, the Logan Region is also an economic hub for local businesses.


Logan City has become South East Queensland’s cultural epicentre, with the diversity of the local community thriving and taking tremendous pride in their city and community assets.  In a region generally overlooked for funding and infrastructure projects, Logan City Council’s decision to invest in Logan Gardens and deliver a recreational gathering space for its local residents is revolutionary.

To reflect the importance of the indigenous community to Logan City’s culture, local aboriginal artist Jessica Skeen-McKinnon was engaged to create the interactive artwork on the raised toddler table.  Entitled “Logan – a place of resilience and harmonious growth”, the water table celebrates the community coming together and taking steps toward a positive future, and represents how understanding and accepting ones past can pave the way for a more united and content community; the ripple effects will just keep flowing on.


"I have incorporated what I feel about Logan such as the multi-culturalism, the opportunities and the acceptance.  It adds a beautiful element and will create conversations” -Jessica Skeen-McKinnon


Jessica’s designs were transposed onto the decorative roof arbours, with the perforations becoming a stunning visual piece that enchants park goers from dawn til dusk as the interplay of light throws shadows onto the ground and tables below.   The images depict groups that have travelled across oceans and rivers to live in Logan City.


“It’s different cultures coming together in the space.  I have enjoyed seeing it come to life” -Jessica Skeen-McKinnon

Playscape Creations are thrilled that Logan City Council have featured the Logan Gardens project and their involvement with the local indigenous community in their monthly magazine, Our Logan.  You can read the full article here or keep up to date with future issues here



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