Sydenham Street Playground

The Sydneham Street Playground in City of Gosnells was designed by Cardno Landscape Architects with Playscape Creations delivering several design options before settling on the final layout that fit the site perfectly.

The overall park has some great open spaces for free play, soccer and basketball activities and the design works with the idea of different levels of topography and play experiences that are accessible and for all ages.

The entire playground has rubber softfall surfacing with different play nodes – the junior Weevos play system, sensory Touchwood totems, and Rubber Domes for jumping, balancing and imaginary play. Our harmonious Freenotes musical instruments provide a “universal language” for all ages, genders and cultures to enjoy together.

Each of these play items offers a different type of experience that helps children build their physical, sensory and social skills while they play.  The close proximity of each area enables a parent to keep track of several children playing in different areas at one time.

It is important for ALL children to have variety of sensory experiences for healthy development. These include experiences that involve movement (vestibular system), climbing (proprioceptive system) and a mix of tactile, visual and auditory experiences, giving each child the “just right” play challenges.

Cardno has successfully created a well shaded playground that offers its visitors a diverse range of play opportunities and a retreat that is sun safe and fun!