Tilquin St Park, The Gap

Tilquin Street Park, in the green and leafy suburb of The Gap, was designed to offer varied levels of play for a neighbourhood of all ages. After community consultation, one of our Netplex units was selected, with modifications made to slightly reduce its height.

Using a nature themed colour palette, the equipment blends perfectly with the surrounds, with enough vibrancy to attract young players and keep them amused with a variety of challenges and activities.  Climbing up the central tower promotes coordination and strength – but really is a route to a child “hang out point” where they can survey their imaginary kingdom. Connected from this main structure, overhead monkey bars challenge children’s upper body strength and the “sol spinner” provides vestibular stimulation and spinning fun.  The rushwinder slide tops it off providing classic sliding fun.

2 Swings were included in the design – our standard 2 seat swing with toddler and strap seats, and a multi user All Abilities swing that allows for a mother to lie down with her child and swing – or for a group of children to swing and laugh and play together.

This neighbourhood now has something for everyone to enjoy in the park!