Mandatory Environmental Upgrades


Our experience has shown that environmental conditions are one of the primary contributors to playspace and fitness equipment longevity, and starting your installation with the most durable materials can go a long way to improve your equipment’s asset lifecycle.


Depending on the environmental location of your recreational project, you may need to consider some mandatory upgrades to your equipment to ensure you get the maximum use and enjoyment for your community.



Some upgrades are offered at zero cost as part of our standard installation procedure. Other upgrades may require structural material upgrades to withstand extreme environmental conditions. Please see the following tables for further information.


Extreme Foreshore Environments

Extreme foreshore locations are within 2km (direct line) of breaking surf, within 500m (direct line) of salt water not subject to breaking surf or within a heavy industrial area subject to acidic precipitation.


Semi-Coastal Environments

Semi Coastal locations are more than 2km (direct line) but less than 10km from breaking surf, more than 500m (direct line) but less than 2km of salt water not subject to breaking surf.



Inland Environments

Inland regions are locations more than 10km (direct line) from breaking surf, more than 2km (direct line) from salt water not subject to breaking surf; and in an area not subject to acidic precipitation or heavy industrial pollutants.


*Lanox is a corrosion resistant lanolin based lubricant
^Upcharge is based on the total product cost (excl. installation and GST). It will be listed on your Estimate/Invoice as a Mandatory Environmental Upgrade

If Mandatory Upgrades are not undertaken prior to project installation, there may be implications to your warranty term.