Wetside Ninja Fitness Under Construction

Wetside Aquatic Xtrail

Aquatic Adventure Obstacle Course

Playscape Creations is currently constructing the brand new XTrail Aquatic System at Wetside in Hervey Bay. An innovative and interactive ninja-style obstacle course, Xtrail Aquatic is made up of nine linked physical challenges, testing strength, agility, co-ordination and stamina.

To add complexity and fun, water jets, cannons and dumpers are activated as participants move through the course. User performance is timed to add to the stakes, and spectators are invited to increase the challenge by utilising sprays and canons to hose down participants. 

XTrail Aquatic Obstacle Course


1. Starting Line

2. Enter the Jet Stream

3. First platform and dumper bucket

4. Rain Curtain, Dumper and Cargo Nets

5. Criss-Cross Pommel Walk

6. Rain Curtain and second Platform

7. Third Platform and Mega Dumping Bucket

8. Two-way inclined Cargo Net and Mega Dumper

9. Finish Line

The trail begins with a random array of Stream Jets, Arch Jets and a small Water Dumper leading to a 400mm high rubber platform.  The user must travel through the Rain Curtain that leads to the first major obstacle; a 1.5m wide, 3.1m long activity section, with overhead ropes to act like “Grab Bars”.

XTrail Aquatic Obstacle Course Challenge Enhancers

User accessibility to this is hindered by the provision of an inclined/inverted cargo net, which must must first be navigated to reach the overhead activity.   From there, a reversed version of this must be conquered to make your way sideways over to the Criss-Cross Pommel Walk.  Randomly activated Stream and Arch Jet Ground Sprays add further complexity and challenge to this section of the course. 

Leading on through another Rain Curtain are 2 separate triangular rubber platforms that need to be traversed, while being sprayed with more arch jets and a small water dumper. Once across the platforms, the large Dumper support structure is reached, which features a two-way Inclined Cargo net and the mega splash zone.

XTrail Aquatic Obstacle Course Challenge Enhancers
Wetside Construction Update Xtrail Aquatic
Wetside Ninja Fitness Under Construction
WetSide Aquatic Xtrail Ninja Fitness Under Construction

Twin water Dumpers have been strategically placed in opposition to double the drenching experience and unsettle even the most experienced course user.  While it is possible to gauge the activity of one dumper, the addition of a second provides another level of uncertainty of safe passage. The provision of additional, randomly activated Stream and Arch Jets Ground Sprays increase the challenge and just make the final climb that bit more difficult.

To add to the stakes, participants are timed, introducing a “speed” pressure angle, while interactive challenge enhancers placed around the course allow additional participants to affect the outcome of the participants’ race.

User groups can vary in levels of ability, and there are 3 variants of user type:

Rookie Wetside Player

Younger users or people with limited physical ability

Trooper Wetside Player

Able to access the obstacles confidently

Commando Wetside Player

Extreme athletes and those not afraid of a challenge or two

Water velocity from the “Challenge Enhancers” will vary with lower flow for Rookies, heavy flow for Troopers, and an absolute soaking for Commandoes.

Wetside Concept Plan Rear View

Multi User Activation

Challenge Enhancers

The immediate outer participants have access to direct Blasters (cannons) and activators that inhibit the primary participant’s ability to conquer each of the features. The blasters have limited horizontal rotation so will only be able to spray onto the wet deck, but they do pack some punch delivering a 7.5mm jet of water onto the course proper.


The Activator buttons trigger additional ground sprays which bring the floor to life with vertical Stream Jets. In addition, these same activators increase the flow to the Rain Curtains, creating a wall of water through which to travel and developing their own sense of chaos throughout the event.

In all, there are eight (8) outer stations meaning the course has the potential for eight additional players, with the sole intent to restrict the speed and cause serious loss of momentum to the primary participant.

Wetside Concept Plan Top View

This interactive challenge become a great viewing spectacle, providing entertainment for on-lookers, and encouraging more participation as everyone will want to get involved. The course will consist of a designated entry point, with an electronic activator reading a wrist band or ankle band on the primary participant (PP). As the PP enters the course entry point the timer starts, and the person’s name, or call sign, as registered at the park entry, will illuminate on the screen.

This gamified spectacle is sure to attract people from far and wide to participate in this unique challenge. Taking advantage of the normal winter closure period, construction is well underway and expected to be complete in time for Spring 2022 re-opening.

Federal Member for Hinkler Keith Pitt said the new playground was a welcome addition to the popular Hervey Bay venue.

“This project has been funded through the Federal Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure (LRCI) Program. It will add a new dimension to recreation in the Bay which helps enhance the city’s liveability while boosting local jobs and supporting local businesses,” Mr Pitt said.

The aquatic adventure playground replaces the WaveRider which had reached the end of its serviceable life and needed to be replaced, Councillor Jade Wellings said.

“The adventure playground will enhance the popularity of WetSide and expand the age range of people using the facility,” Councillor Jade Wellings said.