Ready-to-construct Splashparks

A splashpark is an incredible community asset, providing a safe space for people of all ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds to come together in an inclusive environment.

However, the legislative requirements regarding water quality and safety, ongoing water management and maintenance and high construction costs have meant that many communities miss out.

Until now.

We recognised the need for more Councils and Developers to have the ability to provide their region with assets that create happier, healthier communities, regardless of budgets or geographical location.  Backed by Industrial Designers and Mechanical and Hydraulic Engineers, we bring you an integrated splashpark system that can be installed by local contractors, complete with a Plug’n’Play Plantroom system and all the support you need to run a safe and successful splashpark.

All you need to do is add water.

Flinders - Rivers Collection Splashpark


Top 5 Reasons to Consider a Ready-to-Construct Splashpark

Affordable Solution

The cost of an aquatic asset isn’t just in the above-ground aquatic elements; it’s in designing, engineering and constructing all of the specialist infrastructure required to ensure ongoing water quality.  By having a ready-to-construct splashpark, all of the hard work is done!


Budget Allocation Guideline – Custom Aquatic Projects

Where to allocate your aquatics budget


Use Local Professionals for Construction

We want splashparks to be available to all.  So this solution allows for installation in even the remotest of regions, with the ability to use local professionals for installation.  Everything is documented and ready to construct, keeping jobs and putting revenue back into your community.


Backed by Quality Service and Support

We stand by our products; that’s why you’ll have access to online technical support plus our QLD based engineers are on-hand to troubleshoot if necessary.  You’ll receive full system documentation including ongoing water quality and maintenance requirements.


Industry First Plug’n’Play Plantroom System

The bulletproof plantroom system is installed into a 20′ or 40′ container for ease of transport and is delivered fully factory fitted and tested.  Using a Plug’n’Play system like this takes around 6 weeks out of the construction process, saving you time and money!


Australian Made

With a complete engineering and fabrication department, each splashpark is made to the highest quality standards using Australian labour and materials.  This gives you the piece of mind that the asset you’ve just invested in will stand the test of time.


Rivers Collection: Splashpark Designs

We have prepared a collection of Splashpark designs that are ready to build, right now.  Each has a different footprint, user capacity and features but ALL deliver an incredible, immersive aquatic experience.  Simply click the image to learn more about each Splashpark design or download our catalogue to see the whole range.  All prices listed below are for product supply only and exclude freight and construction costs.




The Diamantina is a compact system, designed to pack a lot of aquatic play into a small footprint with a Dipper tipping bucket and a further 13 aquatic features.

Size | 11x 11m          Max. Users | 31          Budget | $362,500 incl. Plug’n’Play Plantroom



Flinders’ big Water “Dumper” is an attraction no one can resist, with a BIG splash created by a slow but strong 20 second discharge of water plus a further 15 aquatic elements.

Size | 14x 14m          Max. Users | 47          Budget | $387,000 incl. Plug’n’Play Plantroom


Coopers Creek Splashpark

Coopers Creek

Lots of above ground architectural Overflo features makes the Coopers Creek design a crowd favourite, delivering 18 aquatic features.

Size | 17x 14m          Max. Users | 61          Budget |$419,500 incl. Plug’n’Play Plantroom


Paroo Splashpark


Sleek shapes on a circular Splash Park – this model is a class act, offering incredible aesthetics in a compact design complete with 21 aquatic features.

Size | 18x 15m          Max. Users | 70          Budget |$485,000 incl. Plug’n’Play Plantroom



Central to the Warrego design is the stunning Australian Made Aquatower.  Towering dumpers, interactive water cannons and two exhilarating slide flumes deliver an immersive aquatic experience.  The Warrego system is ideal for communities looking to entertain people for hours at a time – a true destination splashpark with 35 Aquatic features.

Size | 22 x 20m          Max. Users | 110          Budget | $682,000 incl. Plug’n’Play Plantroom



Thinking about Water Quality

The water within a zero depth splashpark is reclaimed using strategic drainage points throughout the splashpad, then treated using a complex recycling and sterilisation system before re-entering the splashzone.  The water quality in any recirculating water system must be closely monitored to comply with State water quality guidelines and to keep the community safe and healthy.


An industry first, our Plug’n’Play plantroom is a fully self-contained, pre-constructed, pre-tested water treatment system.


Enclosed within a 20 or 40” shipping container for ease of transport, these systems have been kitted out using the best quality, highest efficiency systems, reducing your ongoing maintenance and running costs.

Designed as a dual purpose system, the plantrooms can be fitted with an optional awning to give users a shady space to rest and socialise.  While we’ve taken the hard work out of designing and constructing the plantroom for you, rest assured that the exterior plantroom aesthetics can be customised; featuring pieces from local artists, decorative panelling or interactive lighting to take your splashpark theming to the next level.

Learn more about our Plug’n’Play plantrooms and the specified equipment by downloading our brochure.



Want to learn more?  Contact Shane Vardy, our Aquatics Specialist today on 1300 669 074 or email shanev@playscapecreations.com.au