Australian Designed and Manufactured Independents

Who says Swings and Flying Foxes can’t be architectural features in the playground – blending form and function with play?

Playscape Creations has developed a new range of Swing and Flying Fox frames – designed in house and manufactured here in Australia.  As playground structures become sculptural features within landscape design, our new range of Zenith independents has been developed to complement the designed space and become art forms in their own right.

Classic park staples, swings and flying foxes need not be boring and our range creates a clean aesthetic in a variety of colour choices.  Swings are available with varied seating options – including Basket and Joey seats – as single or twin bay, and also as a 5 bay. Taking pride of place is the Twin Pillar design which is incorporated in the Swings and Flying Foxes, with an opposing centre pillar variation on the two bay swing creating an additional design element.

Swinging and zipping along the flying fox stimulates the senses and gives a child’s brain practice at interpreting and organising spatial information, making sense of speed and direction.  And not just for children – these actions are a great mood booster for adults too with the motion helping you to focus, while also affording a childlike freedom.  And the best part is that it is good exercise, conditioning the joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments, and burning calories as you go!

We look forward to incorporating these pieces into your designed space.  Contact Us today to find out more.