Zenith ‘Stellar’ – REACH FOR THE STARS!!

Defining the pinnacle of collaborative design, the Zenith ‘Stellar’ range characterises a premier modern aesthetic with a balanced use of architectural forms, combining ever popular net climbing variations with sliding fun for all ages. Reach for the stars with astronomy inspired systems – Arcturus, Capella, Vega, Antares and Sirius.

This unique set of play systems brings together a range of play interactions centred around stainless steel slide towers and high-quality net configurations, supported by striking posts at varied heights made from premium powder coated steel.  Zenith Stellar offers the ability to choose models within each system with the Alpha (2 slide towers), Beta (single 1.9m slide tower) or Gamma (net play only) models allowing the system to be extended or reduced to suit the requirements of the landscape, and for staged budgets.

Contributing to the alternative look are ‘Swiss’ or ‘Grass’ panel choices, affording an informal climbing or aesthetic option.  Or include personalised ‘ReproGraphik’ printed aluminium panels – strong and durable and allowing any graphic to come alive on the playground.  Whether theming or honouring a legacy, ReproGraphik panels bring a whole new element to ownership and connection for the community, promoting authenticity and pride.

The Zenith structures provide exciting innovative challenge that extends coordination and motor skills through physical interaction, and with a visual appeal sure to entice users of all ages.  Climbing provides a total body workout and with varied challenge, children can find their ‘just right fit’ as they improve their technique, balance and strength.  And with a natural human instinct to climb anything we can hold on to, children will navigate their way, using mental acuity and problem solving to reach the sliding reward – first progressing to the 1.1m slide and then to the massive 1.9m high slide.  With non-prescribed entry and exit routes, these outdoor free play opportunities afford children an outlet to express their emotions, exert themselves, challenge their fears and reach their Zenith – to reach for the stars.

Designed and developed here in Australia, Zenith’s Stellar range of play systems from Playscape Creations provides a robust asset to hold steadfast to Australian Coastal conditions.

To launch the range into the market, Playscape Creations is promoting the Alpha range of the Antares, Arcturus and Vega models – at Beta prices.  Details can be found here.

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