Why we do what we do

Seeing children enjoy the recreational spaces that we have built answers the question of why we do what we do.  Yes, as a Company we do it to survive, but the reward of seeing a vision through to fruition, to see the overall holistic decision making process result in pure enjoyment by the end user reminds us and positively reinforces why we do what we do.

We recently invited students from a local Special School to be the talent in a photo shoot of the City Botanic Gardens playspace.  We learned a lot first hand about the different ways users of varying abilities utilise our equipment.  We were able to appreciate that some of the activities we take for granted are a far greater challenge, and some of the items provide way more enjoyment than we could have thought.

This playground is constantly busy and the official opening demonstrated just how many children of all ages and abilities can utilise a space at one time!  The most popular item without a doubt is the roller slide within the centrepiece playground.  Children line up and eagerly await their  turn to feel the bumpy sensation of this slide – specially designed as static free which is great for children with cochlear implants!

Ultimately, seeing the joy, challenge, excitement and overall happiness of the children experiencing the playground helps us to design even better playspaces in the future and makes us proud to do what we do.


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