Windsor Sports and Community Park

Windsor Sports and Community Park

Windsor Sports and Community Park is now open, with the gorgeous suspended treehouse nestled beneath the sprawling branches of the site’s iconic fig tree.

About the Design and Construction

Tallaganda Hut Concept Design

A towering treehouse featuring stunning Australian hardwood timber logs, the Tallaganda Hut is an invitation for children near and far to come and explore.

Supported by three stunning Rustik Australian hardwood timber posts up to 5.5m high, the treehouse appears to be suspended from the original towering trees.  Offering an elevated outlook and safe hangout zone, the Tallaganda Hut also features an exhilarating twisted tube slide, giving children a free ride to the ground and an epic reward for their climbing efforts.

The Tallaganda Hut is accessed by a series of challenging climbing nets, giving children opportunities to find their own path through the obstacles.  Imaginative and social play opportunities abound, allowing children to design their own games and experiences, collaborating and learning along the way.

The central feature of the play experience, the Tallagada Hut  design that maximises visual connection with the fig tree and allows children to climb to canopy height. The outside of the structure features stainless steel mesh and composite wood paneling to provide a high level of transparency and lightness to allow children to feel amongst the tree canopy.

Extending the play experience, the Gundabooka features a range of interconnected climbing nets to challenge children to build their gross motor skills and promote movement while gaining points of outlook across the playspace.

The Brisbane City Council Design Team have incorporated a number of stunning organic edging and seating elements, nestled under the shade of the majestic Fig Tree.  Areas of relaxation have been provided with suspended hammocks and organic seating options, and a dry river creak bed allows children to continue to explore their natural environment.

Windsor Tallaganda Hut Aerial
Windsor Culgoa and Double bay Swing
Windsor Tallaganda Hut and inclusive Orbit

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