Woodland Grove Primary School

The 2017 school year saw Woodland Grove start with a brand new Primary School.  Collaboration between a number of new school Principals in 2016 saw a brief of achieving ‘something different’ for their new schools, and resulted in them each purchasing the brand new Global Motion – spinning, climbing and socialising all on one awesome unit.

This fully inclusive rotating climber invites an entire group to climb aboard and go for a ride, taking turns climbing multiple nets on 2 levels and encouraging lively activity.

In addition, with a small space to work with, the Venti playsystem was an ideal solution that would accommodate and stimulate a large number of children at play.  The Venti packs 20 exciting activities into its compact size – with nets, slides, belts and climbers to provide challenges that promote physical development and strategic thinking, while also creating hangouts where kids can take a break and connect with their peers.  The epitomy of smart design, materials are used efficiently to create a large number of developmentally appropriate, interactive activities.

Woodland Grove’s Principal has said “Our children are having a lot of fun on the playground equipment.  Global Motion is proving to be a real crowd pleaser with children wanting to stay on it after school”.  We’re sure these bright and vibrant additions to this new school will continue to be enjoyed for many years to come – with fun at their core!