I CAN FLY!!!!!

The Flying Fox takes on a whole new dimension with the ZipKrooz – bringing adventure to the playground in an exciting, ultra-smooth, two-way ride.  ZipKrooz is unique because it offers a continuous play experience that can soar back and forth, from one end to the other, with non-stop zooming action.

Children will enjoy a more controlled ride for smoother cruising, without the jolting or stopping mid-glide.  Built in elevation helps riders gain momentum at the beginning then slow down at the end.  And with its unique 4-wheel trolley system and comfortable seats, ZipKrooz is engineered for exceptional quality, comfort and safety.

Available in varying lengths and in single or double bays, ZipKrooz is also available with a moulded bucket harness seat to enable children of all abilities to fly together!

Download the ZipKrooz brochure here