• Product # OVF-FLIN
  • Age Range 0 - 99
  • Dimensions 14.00m x 14.00m
  • Budget > $50,000


Flinders’ big Water “Dumper” is an attraction no one can resist, with a BIG splash created by a slow but strong 20 second discharge of water.

This Splash Park design can accommodate close to 50 users within the 193m2 area, and has 12 interactive ground sprays as well as a Blaster and Brella feature.   Ground level jets and sprays are ideal for users of all ages and abilities, and creative surfacing designs can hep tp extend the immersive aquatic experience.

This Splash Park comes complete with the Plug’n’Play 750 Module Plantroom, ensuring first class water quality at all times.

Flinders is equipped with 16 Interactive Aquatic Features including the Dumper, Crown and Arch Jets, Blaster and Brella and the energy saving pad Activator.


  • Crown jet
  • Crown 15
  • Arch jet
  • Blaster
  • Brella
  • Actionvator

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