• Product # OVF-WARE
  • Age Range 0 - 99
  • Dimensions 22.00m x 20.00m
  • Budget > $50,000


Central to the Warrego design is the stunning Australian Made Aquatower.  Towering dumpers, interactive water cannons and two exhilarating slide flumes deliver an immersive aquatic experience.  Access stairs and a non-slip decking system allow children of all ages to climb to the central deck and experience everything the tower has to offer - from the deck integrated ground sprays to the towering rain canopy.

A further 22 interactive elements complete the Warrego system, with ground jets, arches and blasters providing hours of fun for users of all ages and abilities.

The Warrego system is ideal for communities looking to entertain people for hours at a time – a true destination splashpark.

Precision engineered and fabricated in Australia from the highest quality materials, the Aquatic Activity Tower has 13 interactive features for aquatic play for all ages including:

  • Large Spherical Dumpers
  • Three Small Spherical Dumpers
  • Immersive Central Rain Canopy
  • Twin Slide Flumes With Runout
  • Two Interactive Rotating Blasters
  • Four Deck Integrated Ground Sprays

Feature List:

  • Aquatower
  • BingO
  • Blasters
  • Arch Jets
  • Twig
  • Crown Jet
  • Stream Jet
  • Shroud Jets
  • Ground Activator
  • Plug’n’Play 1500 Plantroom Option

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